Keeping Things Social

The UB Pro system features a variety of flexible social elements, enabling users to interact publicly or privately across platforms.

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The UB Pro system is highly customisable & features a variety of modules which can be toggled on or off from the admin interface. Many of the modules control user interaction elements, providing additional security or privacy features to industries which require them.

User Listing Interaction

By default users can interact with listings in a variety of different ways.

Users can like listings & this action will add the listing to their profile home page for future reference.

Users can attend a listing/ event. This action adds the listing to their profile home page, adds them to the ‘Attending’ page for that listing & sends a notification to the listing owner.

Users can communicate with the listing owner & other users by commenting directly on listings or replying to existing comments.

Users can easily share their favourite listings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or via e-mail.

User Profile Interaction

User profiles can also interact with other profiles privately via internal messaging, notifications, e-mail or by following.